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Higher Ideals

Questions and Answers on Higher Ideals Products

HOST: 1. With all the great products that someone can buy anywhere, why would Higher Ideals try to get involved in such competitive areas as health supplements, skin care, and other personal hygiene products?

Answer: Good Question! Products that do the things that ours do in many cases simply have not been available and are not available from any other source but Higher Ideals.

HOST: 2. How did Higher Ideals quest for leading edge products begin?

Answer: It began with brilliant doctors that really cared about their patients, and wanted to get the best for them, but couldn't find the quality of products they wanted anywhere, so out of necessity they developed their own!

HOST: 3. What kinds of products did these doctors develop?

Answer: Dr. Kellas who is Director of the Comprehensive Medical Center in Encinitis, CA, was one of the first to envision and realize that men and women needed different supplements. Through many years of research - almost a decade, through clinical testing and evaluation, he fine tuned two gender specific formulas - Perfect Equation for Men™, and Perfect Equation for Women™. In addition, he also pioneered a line of Vitamins HI-Balance™and LO-Balance™, that help normalize blood pressure - one you take if itís too low, and the other if itís too high! You can take one of each if itís normal. He was one of the first to encourage people to take vitamins and minerals separately, and teach why thatís important.

HOST: 4. Why is it important to take vitamins and minerals separately instead of in a multiple or combination tablet as most are?

Answer: Many vitamins are known antioxidants. Many minerals act as oxidants. Since antioxidants neutralize or terminate free radicals and like "oxidants," if you put them together, you can tend to get neutral effects, and miss out on the full nutritional potential each offers. By taking vitamins and minerals separately, more of their total potential can be realized. In addition, we donít encourage people to take their supplements in tablet form.

HOST: 5. Youíre kidding! Are you saying tablets arenít good for you?

Answer: Higher Ideals, as our name implies, is all about higher standards or ideals in everything we produce. What weíre saying is that capsules are generally better for you than tablets.

HOST: 6. But why are they better?

Answer: Nationally renowned doctors like Dr. Earl Mindell say, "Tablets are not the preferred source because the process of drying and extracting the active substances of an herb causes it to lose potency. The clear gelatin capsules retain more of their potency than tablets."(1) Dr. Stan Bynum indicates that the process of compression when making tablets produces heat, and heat over 118 degrees can destroy and denature enzymes - the catalysts in plants that are involved in all chemical reactions and processes of the body. In other words, tablets may not give you the full benefits of enzymes, whereas using capsules you have a much better chance of getting the enzymes. Worse still, almost every tablet uses DCP (Di-Calcium Phosphate). DCP is an inorganic calcium which is incapable of breaking down completely. Because calcium as a phosphate is not totally soluble even in stomach acid, it ends up in soft tissue sites where it becomes a blocking agent that interferes with circulation within the capillary beds. As it collects in the arteries, it causes arteriosclerotic heart disease. In the joints it causes arthritis. Soft tissue calcium deposition causes premature aging and excessive wrinkles in the skin. Phosphates inhibit absorption of nutrient and non-nutrient elements. An article in Science News, 1982, stated that if a child should swallow some liquid lead paint, they could drink a cola drink as the phosphates in these drinks will help prevent absorption. This information is based on extensive research conducted by actual tablet assays by Biological Mineral Sciences, LTD., American Trace Mineral Research Corporation, Nutritional Biologicals, Inc., as well as books, articles, and papers by eminent nutritional authorities and a literature search by Med-Sciences Library at the University of Arizona Medical School. In addition, tablets use binders that may interfere with the nutritional value of the formula. As if these things werenít enough, studies show capsules are easier for most people to swallow, and they donít have the unpleasant taste that is often associated with tablets.

HOST: 7. Wow! I can begin to see what youíre saying - most people have no idea of these things! So we need to look for capsules, for gender-specific minerals, and we can even find vitamins that will help to stabilize and normalize our blood pressure is there anything else we need to know about vitamin and mineral supplements?

Answer: We do so many special things that we could spend the entire program talking about why the vitamins and minerals are so outstanding and what they do for you that other supplements wonít. Suffice it to say that we look at the minute details that others often overlook - details that should not be discounted.

HOST: 8. Can you give us an example of one of these details?

Answer: Sure. Our bodies need both copper and zinc, for example. If you take a mineral supplement, Iíll bet that if you look on the bottle, it will contain both copper and zinc. Unfortunately for all of us, at the cellular level, both copper and zinc compete for the same cellular sites. If taken at the same time, our bodyís cells must choose one or the other. Since both are essential, by taking both at the same time you may be forcing your body to choose one or the other. In our formulations we give you copper in the morning and zinc at night. That way, they donít compete with each other for the same cellular site, and youíre more likely to get the full nutritional value of each.

HOST: 9. Are there any other major reasons why someone should go on the Higher Ideals supplement program?

Answer: Yes, we have a secret weapon!

HOST: 10. A secret weapon?! I didnít know we were going to talk combat strategy!

Answer: If you want a better chance at combating or preventing illness, our patented Crystal Catalyst™will be of immense help to you. In fact, it will help you with any vitamin or mineral supplement.

HOST: 11. What does it do?

Answer: Because of the smaller molecular structure of Crystal Catalyst™compared to regular water, it can penetrate the cellular walls within your body at a much greater rate and carry the nutrition where itís needed and can be absorbed. Dr. Don Vasil has cited statistics compiled by researchers and nutritionists that indicated that the absorption rate of any vitamin tablet (regardless of what brand a person uses) is about 15 to 25 percent. This other 75 to 85 percent passes right through our bodies without ever being utilized. If youíve been taking vitamin and mineral supplements, youíre probably mostly paying for expensive toilet bowl clank! When you use Crystal Catalyst™it can increase the absorption rate of these nutrients up to 85 percent! Crystal Catalyst™allows you to get the good from the supplements you take, increasing the absorption of them by as much as three to five times.

HOST: 12. Do you have any other flagship or unusual products?

Answer: Yes. colloidal minerals are one of mankindís most exciting discoveries ever, and because of this, Doc's Colloidal Rocks™is being referred to as the Ninth Wonder of the World. Minerals are very essential to the proper functioning of our bodies. Dr. Linus Pauling, respected as one of the great minds of our time, always maintained that you can trace every illness to a mineral deficiency. Nothing will strengthen the immune system like minerals because theyíre the catalysts that make enzymes and vitamins work. They facilitate enzymatic action. Vitamins canít even perform many of their necessary functions without using minerals as catalysts. However, metallic minerals can be toxic and dangerous to the body. Metallic minerals are hydrophobic, which means they resist interaction with water. Chelated minerals are an improvement, but they are not the answer because they are simply metallic minerals wrapped in a protein or amino acid to simulate a more plantlike form that the body absorbs more readily than a metallic mineral alone. What exactly is a colloidal mineral, and why is it so important? A colloid is a particle or substance that retains its identity and remains in suspension. Colloids are very small in size and therefore are easily absorbed by the cells of the body. Plants absorb metallic minerals through their roots and convert them into colloidal minerals. These plant or colloidal minerals are hydrophilic or water soluble, which is what causes them to work with, and not against, the natural body absorption processes. Our body stores, transports, and uses minerals in the colloidal form - not in the metallic mineral form, which is why colloidal minerals impact oneís health so dramatically. Dr. Carey Reams, a well known biophysicist and biochemist, discovered that colloids can get so small they can go through glass. The Colorado School of Mines is one of the few laboratories in the country that can even measure the incredibly small size of colloidal minerals, and then is only able to size the larger minerals. These are smaller than 0.001 micron. In fact, it is estimated that the smallest minerals in Docís Colloidal Rocks™ is around 0.0001 micron. What is the significance of this? Simply said, this very, very minute size is approximately 2,000 times smaller than the smallest metallic mineral. To say the least, this incredibly small size has totally amazed top research scientists, including Nobel prize nominees both in, and outside of the United States. This small size, however is the key reason why colloidal minerals can be absorbed through the skin and even into the hair shaft. However, this smallness of size is only one of the reasons why Doc's Colloidal Rocks™produces such great results inside the body.

What makes Doc's Colloidal Rocks™ superior to other colloidal minerals found in the marketplace? There are many things.

  • To our knowledge, this is the only product that has been studied by a Nobel prize Nominees - Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp of Germany. As with any other Higher Ideals product, our standards for quality go way beyond that of other firms. Itís important to understand that plants cannot make minerals - they must get their minerals from the soil. What this means is that if you are to use a colloidal product, the plant source ofí your minerals becomes ofí paramount importance. For this reason Higher Ideals uses, as our only source, a special ancient rain forest deposit that the U.S. Department of Interior has determined is approximately 60 to over 120 million years old. This period is characterized by the development of flowering plants and dinosaurs. Man has questioned for years what it was that caused dinosaurs to grow so large. We believe it was in part, the pure, mineral rich vegetation that they lived on. This was a time when much of the earth may still have been very much in a "Garden of Eden" or very rich, vibrant, and pristine state. It is interesting to note, that the Bible records that shortly after this period of time, several men lived to be around a thousand years old, and to live for several hundred years was not at all uncommon. This, we believe, would be largely due to nutrient rich plant life and lack of toxins and other pollutants that are so common today. There was not the mineral depletion of the soils that exists today. If ever plants could be rich in minerals, this would be the source of such plants. This is our special source.
  • Second, it is important to understand that these minerals have been preserved because of a unique set of circumstances. This special deposit was covered by only 20 - 30 feet of sandstone - just enough to protect the deposit, but not enough to cause excessive heat and pressure that would have altered this pure form of the minerals.
  • Third, Higher Ideals has long taught the importance of balance in all your foods, including vitamins and minerals. Our colloidal minerals are selected from various segments of this deposit to assure that each one of our customers will get the broadest balance of all these important minerals and trace minerals. You will get over seventy different colloidal minerals from our product.
  • Fourth, and this is of paramount importance, our minerals have a natural negative electrical charge. This is what makes them, as much as 98% absorbable. This means that you will get two to three times the absorption of just chelated minerals, and over ten times the absorption of metallic minerals that are so common in most stores. You would only be able to get this kind of broad spectrum and absorbability by eating several hundred pounds of fruits and vegetables, and we all know the impracticality of that!
  • Fifth and also of great importance, our colloidal minerals are extracted with pure, cool clear water to the desired concentration, and then processed through a complex array of filters to allow only the organic colloidal minerals in our final solution. Other firms may use harsh acids and solvents to extract minerals. There are no preservatives, synthetic substances, or flavorings added that might adulterate the pure and precious product we have.
  • Sixth, one must be concerned about toxicity when it comes to metallic minerals. This is not a concern, however, with our colloidal minerals. Itís important that you understand that colloidal minerals as found in plants and as we use them, are not toxic. In fact, not only did Dr. Fritz-Albert Poppís tests reveal that our product is completely non toxic, but he also found that it increased the life (electrical) energy output of cells beyond what he had previously established as optimum. In addition, he found that it can actually help remove toxic materials from the body. He also found that it does make vitamins more efficient, so you donít need to take as much of them to get the same effect. Needless to say, he is very impressed by the excellence of our product. So, if you want to use the most pure and potent colloidal minerals on the market, the best researched minerals, and the most economical in price, look no further than Doc's Colloidal Rocks™ .
  • HOST: 13. We hear a lot today about antioxidants. You mentioned a little earlier that some vitamins are antioxidants. What are antioxidants and why are they important?

    Answer: ANTIOXIDANTS are terminators of free radicals or free radical scavengers.

    HOST: 14. Perhaps youíd better tell us what free radicals are, and why weíd want to terminate or get rid of them.

    Answer: Free radicals are extremely unstable and highly destructive oxygen molecules. They are "hungry" to gain or "steal" electrons from other molecules in an attempt to balance their own electron rings. Free radicals attack, damage, and ultimately destroy almost any material. The rusting of metal, the browning of a fresh cut apple, or the hardening of paint are all examples of the constant bombardment of free radicals and the resultant damage they do. In the body, their attacks are even more devastating. Free radicals may actually be your worst enemy. They can degrade collagen and even re-program DNA and change the way your cells replicate themselves. Many scientists row believe that free radicals are the common denominator in all degenerative diseases.

    HOST: 15. My goodness, youíre saying that degenerative conditions like arthritis, diabetes, prostatitis, etc. may be caused by free radicals, and that these antioxidants may help that?

    Answer: Yes! Thatís why so many doctors now take antioxidants and recommend them to their patients.

    HOST: 16. How are your antioxidants better than others?

    Answer: You commonly hear of Vitamin A or beta carotene, Vitamin C, or Vitamin E and Selenium as antioxidants. Some call these the ACES. As an antioxidant, grape seed extract is 20 times more powerful than vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E. Besides being far more potent, thereís another key that is just as important. Vitamin C stays in the body for about 3 hours. The grape seed extract as found in Inforce™ or Defender™ however, will stay in the body for around 72 hours - about 24 times longer than vitamin C. This is what makes Inforce™ and Defender™ the most powerful free radical scavengers we know of - the PCO s they hare are the most potent antioxidants known. Because PCOís (proanthocyanidolic oligomers) also commonly known as OPCís (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) stay in the body so much longer than the ACES, and are many times more powerful as antioxidants, they can attack free radicals much more effectively, and stop the damage free radicals cause in ways that other antioxidants canít.

    HOST: 17. That makes it sound like everyone ought to be on grape seed extract! Is it really all as simple as that?

    Answer: Higher Ideals actually has an antioxidant program, because there is no one magical wonder food or wonder supplement or even wonder antioxidant that will do it all. Our bodies need a variety of different foods and supplements to optimize our health. Dr. Marcus Laux says ``Thereís so much environmental pollution in todayís world, you need to take a broad-spectrum antioxidant complex. It shields you against free-radical damage and is necessary for preventing heart disease and cancer. What exactly is meant by a "broad" or "full" spectrum antioxidant complexí? You will hear some use "full" spectrum, but no one can use this term properly as researchers have not even discovered the "full" spectrum of free radicals, or their enemy antioxidants. Broad spectrum is the most appropriate language to use. First, there are many forms of free radicals, which are atoms or molecules with an unbalanced electron in their orbit, making them extremely reactive and dangerous because they attack cells and body tissues and can even change DNA cell replication and thus become carcinogenic. Some of the types of free radicals which attack the body are superoxides, hydrogen peroxides lipid peroxides singlet oxygen and hydroxyls. Life is sustained with oxygen. Lack of oxygen leads to disease. Cancer, for example, thrives where there is little or no oxygen. This is why, for example, that organic germanium which releases oxygen for cell use is so effective as a therapeutic treatment. However, free radicals of oxygen are among the most dangerous. While PCOís (proanthocyanidolic oligomers) are the strongest antioxidants know to man, and are very effective at attacking superoxides, the by-product of PCOís breaking down superoxides are hydrogen and lipid peroxides. Extant also are singlet oxygen and hydroxyls. Toxic reactions involving singlet oxygen occur in arthritis, cataracts, retinal damage due to too much light, and probably in many other disorders as well. Terminators of singlet oxygen include caroteniods (beta-carotene) and vitamin E, for example. Scientists now believe that flavonoids as found in broccoli, reduce platelet activity in the blood, which helps prevent the clots that can clog arteries and cause heart attacks. Phenols and polyphenols as found in green tea are powerful antioxidants that promote the production of anticancer enzymes. PhytoLife™ is this broad spectrum antioxidant - the broadest on the market today - made from 15 different plants, many of which have more than just one of the key antioxidant phytochemicals necessary to break down all the various forms of free radicals. Without these additional types of antioxidants found in PhytoLife™ these other types of free radicals are still extant to do damage. This is also the reason why PhytoLife™ is called the Worldís Most Complete Antioxidant Superfood Complex.

    HOST: 18. Iím sure learning a lot about health supplements! Youíve mentioned so many, which one, if someone had to pick one, would you consider to be your most important supplement?

    Answer: It would have to be Extend™ , our top seller, or Ten Lives™, the newest addition to our line. What makes Extend™ so unique? It starts with our rare and potent mushroom complex. Mushrooms are an amazingly important and vital food. Dr. Earl Mindell, considered by some to be the worldís leading expert on health and nutrition, lists both the Reishi and Shitake mushrooms among his top ten Ď`Immune System Boosters." In addition, he recommends that you eat them as a food or if not, take them in capsule form. Extend™ also includes the powerful Cordyceps mushroom, which has been linked with all the incredible world records the Chinese womenís track team set in 1994. Perhaps the most exciting thing about Extend™ , however, is Interferon Initiators. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved interferon for use in treating certain types of cancer, hepatitis, and genital warts. Unfortunately, as a drug, interferon is very expensive. For this reason, Higher Ideals researchers began to look for other more natural and cost effective ways to produce interferon. What we came up with was a truly revolutionary complex of Interferon Initiators What are Interferon Initiators? They are a unique combination of known interferon producers. Never have so many interferon producers, and unique and rare forms of them been brought together in one place at one time. Astragalus, Pau dí Arco (Divine Tree), Pfaffia paniculata (Suma), Schizandra, and Licorice, are all known interferon producers. In addition to these, is a new, special, and powerful 3% Uncaria tomentosa extract. The therapeutic actions of herbs come from alkaloids, organic nitrogenous compounds that cause certain chemical reactions within the body. Genuine Uncaria tomentosa, found only in the rain forests of Peru contains special alkaloids, foremost among these mitraphylline. Research has found mitraphylline to be a main active alkaloid responsible for non-specific stimulation of the immunological system. A special R & D team has been able to isolate the mitraphylline alkaloid with a minimum 3% total alkaloids content level, and so weíve included this in Extend™ .

    HOST: 19. Whatís so special about Ten Lives™ ?

    Answer: Ten Lives™ is primarily constituted of Catís Claw or Uncaria Tomentosa, which many consider to be the most important herb to come from the rain forests. Dr. Brent W. Davis relates, "Uncaria tomentosa is a world class herb which has the power to arrest and reverse deep-seeded pathologies allowing a more rapid return to health... is Ďthe opener of the way,í because it seems to have the ability to break through severe intestinal derangements that no other available products can touch. " Preliminary reports verify that Catís Claw, also known by itís Spanish name of Una De Gato, may be beneficial in the prevention and treatment of acne, arthritis, bursitis, phlebitis, prostatitis, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, constipation, depression, diabetes, fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, all forms of herpes... including Epstein Barr, systemic candidiasis, chemical and environmental allergies, asthma, lupus, PMS and menstrual irregularities, environmental toxin poisoning, hypertension and related circulatory problems like vericose veins, and thrombosis. There is significant evidence that Catís Claw may be helpful with stomach ulcers and bowel disorders such as Crohnís disease, ulcerative colitis, spastic colon, diverticulosis, gastritis, hemorrhoids, leaky and irritable bowel syndrome parasites and ulcers. In may even be helpful to those infected with the HIV virus. For example, Phillip Steinberg, a Certified Nutritional Consultant, was informed that an HIV positive patient in Texas who took Catís Claw capsules for eight weeks, saw his T-cell go from 560 to 875, a very noteworthy improvement.(2) How can one herb possibly do so many things? It appears the answer lies in some of the unique and varied phytochemicals found in Catís Claw, and the synergistic way in which they function. Catís Claw includes oxindole alkaloids, quinovic acid glycosides, triterpines, polyphenols, proanthocyanidins, and plant sterols. The therapeutic actions of herbs often come from alkaloids, organic nitrogenous compounds that cause certain chemical reactions within the body. Glycosides are important sugars for the proper functioning of the heart and blood stream. Plant sterols have been found to be helpful in controlling cholesterol levels, possessing anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties, and are precursors for hormone production. They also serve to increase muscle strength, stamina, and endurance, while helping to speed the recovery from hard physical work. The presence of these compounds appears to be what gives Uncaria tomentosa its adaptogen, antioxidant, antitumor, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Phillip Steinberg has noted that while both grape seed and pycnogenol have a very high percentage of proanthocyanidins, neither has oxindole alkaloids, triterpines, glycosides, or sterols. "For this reason, Catís Claw should be far superior (as a nutritional supplement) and have many more applications and implications for improving oneís health and general well being." Dr. Marcus Laux says, "Una de Gatoís ability to stimulate and strengthen your immune system is legendary. Some experts say its healing abilities surpass many respected, traditional, herbal immune stimulants like echinacea, golden seal, and Astragalas. Una de Gato fortifies your immune system by increasing your white blood cell activity."(3) Dr. Donna Schwonthowski flatly states that Catís Claw "is the most powerful immune enhancing herb of all the herbs native to the Peruvian Amazon. "(2) One of her most exciting findings, however, is what Catís Claw does for AIDS patients. It fights infections in AIDS patients and has decreased the size of visible tumors and cysts within as little as two weeks time. While much more research is needed here, especially with respect to proper dosages, these preliminary findings are very promising. Kitty Winslow reports that four of her customers have eliminated almost all of the symptoms related to their fibromyalgia, as a result of taking Catís Claw in a capsule form. Just as a cat is reported to have nine lives, our special formulation of Catís Claw is called Ten Lives™ because it comes in a base of ten special Higher Ideals Rebuilders. These include Astragalus, Pau dí Arco (Divine Tree), Pfaffia paniculata (Suma), Schizandra, and Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi, and Shitake mushrooms, and Wild Yam. Astragalas increases metabolism and has a high bioflavonoid content that provides natural antioxidant support for the immune system. It also boosts immune function, protects against heart disease, and even serves to heighten male potency. Pau dí Arco has been widely used for its immune-stimulating effect for colds, infections, and cancer. It is beneficial for controlling both yeast overgrowth, and fungus. Pau dí Arco helps prevent tumor formation. eliminate toxins, and builds your red blood cell count. In fact, it was tested by the National Cancer Institute and found to have anticancer properties. Researchers have identified 152 chemical constituents in Pfaffia paniculata or Suma, including 19 amino acids, electrolytic and trace minerals, vitamins, and high amounts of the trace element germanium, a powerful immune stimulator. The germanium may be partly responsible for Sumaís powerful ability to bring more oxygen to your cells. Pfaffia paniculata is an authentic adaptogenic herb, and as such exerts a normalizing influence on the body and provides increased resistance to stress. It is a true "rebuilder" having cell building and regenerating effects. Suma is one of the richest sources of B-Ecdysterone, a plant hormone that can help maintain your youth and strength. B-Ecdysterone also accelerates wound healing. Suma also contains allantion, a known cellular rebuilder. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help alleviate chronic and acute pain. Schizandra berry extract has been shown to help improve physical performance and act against fatigue. It has proven to help reduce heart rate during vigorous exercise, and to help speed recovery after exercise. It has been shown to assist with important intellectual functions such as concentration and fine coordination. Licorice is not only a known interferon producer, but is effective at treating respiratory tract infections like bronchitis and pneumonia. It stimulates the immune system and helps to buffer against the damaging effects of stress. Cordyceps, Maitake, Reishi, and Shitake mushrooms have high bioflavonoid content which provide natural antioxidant support for your immune system.(8) Wild Yam or Dioscorea is fast gaining momentum as a powerful herb, having precursors for DHEA, the "mother of hormones," because it is used in our bodies to make at least fifty other hormones, and as such can help balance female hormones. It improves the urinary tract and helps fight urinary tract infection. A Temple University study showed that supplemental DHEA was able to prevent breast cancer in mice. The studies also indicated prevention of lung and bowel tumors, plus the extension of life span. Moreover, a twelve year study involving several hundred men published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986 reported, "A 100 mcg per deciliter increase in DHEA sulfate concentration corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease and a 36% reduction: in mortality for any reason. The natural level of DHEA was measured and those individuals with higher DHEA sulfate levels lived longer and had much lower risk of heart disease. " Research has consistently shown that DHEA is present in larger amounts in healthy individuals, and as such, is known to be essential for optimal health. It is a very important part of Ten Lives™ . While these ten powerful immune system fortifiers may not give you ten lives, theyíll most certainly help you have a much healthier one! We use Directed Nutritional Activators (DNAô) enzymatic delivery system which makes sure you get the maximum cellular absorption possible of all the constituents. Besides the completely safe and natural foods that Ten Lives™ is made from, Higher Ideals has been extra careful to make it safe and desirable by everyone.Ten Lives™ has no artificial colors or flavors. There are no chemical additives or preservatives or fish derivatives. Even the capsule is pure vegetable, a "VEGICAP" and makes this the most well balanced herbal formulation ever.

    HOST: 20 . Thatís quite a supplement! Do you have any others that are interesting or unusual, or with outstanding benefits?

    Answer: Our Elite™ enzymes is such a product. This is, in many respects, considered to be Higher Ideals most important product Why? This leading edge complete enzyme complex meets the bodyís most basic need - it supplies good nutrition. Enzymes actually will increase the absorption of vitamins, minerals, or any other supplement. So they are the first, and most critical choice for those that believe supplementation is necessary. Dr. Laux says, "Take plant digestive enzymes. They help you digest your meals fully, reduce your potential exposure to allergens, and help restore digestive function, health, and energy." Many believe that Elite™ can not only help ward off disease, but even prolong your life by many years!

    HOST: 21. How does it do that?

    Answer: Enzymes are catalysts produced by living cells. Without enzymes, there is no life. They are needed for every chemical reaction that takes place in the human body. No mineral, vitamin or hormone can do its good, or perform its work, without the help of enzymes. Scientists now believe that the body can likely produce a limited lumber of enzymes during itís lifetime. Once you have produced your limit, you die. There are numerous studies from universities and other sources that substantiate this, but perhaps one of the easiest to see and explain is that of the Daphnia or water flea. Daphnia are small animals that live in ponds, swamps, and shallow lakes and serve as food for small fish. These creatures are visible to the naked eye, and have transparent covering that permits viewing the beating of their heart and movement of the intestines. In separate experiments done at the University of Toronto, this is what researchers discovered:

      Degrees F

    Lifespan (Days)
    46 108 (sluggish movements, 2 heartbeats/second)
    50 88
    64 40
    82 25 (brisk movements, 7 heartbeats/second)

    *Days have been rounded to nearest whole day.

    Feel free to do the calculations on your own, but Daphnia appear to have approximately 12,000,000 heart beats allotted to their lifespan whether this lifespan is 108 days or just 26 days. This supports the theory that our body can produce a limited number of enzymes. and once we can no longer produce the metabolic enzymes necessary to support basic organ function, we die. In other words, life runs its course in direct proportion to the catabolic rate. Our "catabolic rate" is a measure of the rapidity of the wear and tear of the body or the rate of tissue breakdown. This is in direct proportion to the aging process. All raw food in its natural state, comes with Ďfood enzymes, " which help digest and break down the food. When we cook food over 118 degrees, we destroy all the food enzymes, and force the body to use its own supply of digestive enzymes to break down this cooked food. As the body produces digestive enzymes, it has to stop producing metabolic enzymes which support the rest of the bodyís metabolism. As we do this, we are likely shortening our lifespan. Much clinical research shows that when organs become enlarged, they are diseased or overworked. Tests show that if we eat a lot of treated food, we develop an enlarged pancreas (the organ of our body that produces digestive enzymes.) The Philippine Journal of Science (Vol. 52) as performed by the School of Hygiene of Public Health showed that in 768 postmortem examinations of Filipinos, that their pancreases were a good 25 - 50% heavier than Europeans and Americans. Why? It is generally believed by researchers that this is due to the fact that the sample of their diet is cooked rice - eaten as many as three times a day. Their pancreas was simply a reflection of the tremendous amount of work it was forced to do to constantly produce digestive enzymes to break down the cooked food. Eating more raw food or supplementing oneís diet with a proper mixture of food enzymes can prevent overworking oneís pancreas and depleting our limited enzyme bank. By getting enough natural food enzymes, the body realizes it no longer needs to produce additional digestive enzymes and makes provision for more metabolic enzymes to be produced, which then support and strengthen the entire body. By using less digestive enzymes, we preserve our limited supply of metabolic enzymes, and prolong our life. Elite is unique among enzymes. It is one of the few that come in a capsule. (Enzymes produced in tablets may have dead and useless or denatured enzymes from the heat generated in the compression of the tablet, since heat over 118 degrees destroys enzymes.) Who among; you desiring enzymes wants to risk that? In addition, Elite provides a full complement of the enzymes the body needs - amylases to digest carbohydrates, cellulases which break down fibers (our body cannot produce cellulases - they are only produced by plants), invertases to break down sucrose (table sugar), lactases to digest lactose (milk sugar), lipases for fat, and proteases for proteins. More than a third of flee US population is presumed to be unable to digest dairy products, and hence, an obvious great need for lactases to be in Elite™ .

    HOST: 22. I had no idea we knew so much about this, or that supplemental food enzymes were so important! What else can you tell me about your product line?

    Answer: Our product line grows monthly - last year we added one new product each month. Other helpful products in our line include products for weight loss, energy boosters , blue green algae, spirulina, and aloe Vera products, several dozen Meleleuca Alternifolia or tea tree oil products, and a tremendous and complete line of botanically based skin care products.

    HOST: 23. How, for example, is your skin care different and better than others?

    Answer: First, the ingredients in the Concepts line are revolutionary. Concepts skin care is hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic (wonít clog skin pores), and non-occlusive (allows deep penetration) and is fragrance-free or naturally scented. Most skin care products coat the skin with layers or greasy mineral oil petrolatum, and lanolin that don t absorb deep into the skin. These occlusive agents can clog pores and prevent your skin from breathing. Worse still, because they really donít penetrate the skin, they wash off easily, and can stain clothing and irritate the skin. Rather than these inexpensive and often ineffective ingredients, Concepts uses Aloe Vera, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Ginkgo Biloba, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut, Marshmallow root, Oak root, Wheat germ and many other plant based extracts and oils with Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and dozens of other beautifying and skin softening and preserving agents. The desert Jojoba bush, for example, produces seeds rich in natural oils with "water binding" properties uniquely suited for the skin. These skin care products are designed to pull impurities out of the skin, protect it against moisture loss, revitalize it and allow it to breathe again. Concepts helps you recapture the more youthful appearance of years gone by.


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