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Higher Ideals Products

QUINTESSENTIALS - Synergistic products designed to assist the body in the natural processes of weight loss, hormone balance, free radical control and general health and well-being.


Please be advised that this is only a partial listing of available products. E-Mail us for a full color catalog.

E-mail for a full color Higher Ideals Catalog

Unit Price
1610 Crystal Catalyst TM Aids Absorption8 OZ.$13.00$10.00
1240 Doc's Rocks TM Premium Blend Colloidal Minerals4 Fl. Oz.$15.00$10.00
1160 Champion CatTM Cat's Claw Uncaria tomentosa100 CT.$ 9.00$ 5.00
1005 EliteTM "Super" Enzyme Complex90 CT.$20.00$16.00
1000 DefenderTM Powerful Antioxidant/Grape Seed60 CT.$26.00$20.00
1230 PhytolifeTM Antioxidant Super food60 CT.$10.00$ 6.00
1140 Sizzle SupremeTM Weight Loss Herbs60 CT.$20.00$14.00
1410 Clear EnergyTM Natural Booster60 CT.$15.00$10.00
1330 Ideal Equation for MenTM Herbs & Minerals60 CT.$16.00$10.00
1310 Ideal Equation for WomenTM Herbs & Minerals60 CT.$16.00$10.00
1009 EnhancerTM Essential Oils & Acids30 CT.$20.00$16.00
1510 Hi-BalanceTM Herbs & Vitamins60 CT.$16.00$10.00
1530 Lo-BalanceTM Herbs & Vitamins60 CT.$16.00$10.00
2xxx ConceptsTM Skin Care Products8 OZ.varvar
1010 ExtendTM Mushrooms & DHEA30 CT.$15.00$10.00
1012 ExtendTM Mushrooms & DHEA90 CT.$29.00$22.00
1220 ImproveTM Aloe/Blue-Green Algae90 CT.$20.00$14.00
1200 InforceTM 20 mg. Grape Seed90 CT.$10.00$6.00
1150 Ten LivesTM 10 Immune Builders90 CT.$25.00$20.00
1145 Fabulous FigureTM Fat Absorber60 CT.$12.00$6.00
1110 Fabulous Figure 180TM Economy Size 180 CT.$29.00$15.00
1190 Freedom CreamTM Progesterone Balance2 OZ.$12.00$6.00
1025 PromiseTM Pregnenolone 10 mg. 90 ct.$18.00$10.00
1130 Sizzle Sample PackTM Weight Loss Caplets60 CT.$10.00$5.00
7xxx Tea Tree Oil ProductsTM Natural Healing Substances .33 oz.$6.00$3.00
1035 InvigorateTM DHEA Spray 2 oz.$19.00$12.00
125x Complete VitaminsTM Complete Vitamin Program 60 ct.$10.00$5.00
125x Complete MineralsTM Complete Mineral Program 60 ct.$10.00$5.00
127X Complete Mini Health PaksTM Complete Health Pack $65.00$40.00
128X Complete Basic Health PakTM Body Basics Health Pak $150.00$120.00
1620Magnificent Mango ShampooVitamin Packed Shampoo16 oz.$8.00$4.00
72xx Oral HygieneTM Oral Hygiene Products
73xx Personal HygieneTM Personal Hygiene Products
30xx Home Care-QuintessentialsTM Energy Efficient Lighting Products $12.00$10.00
31xx "Naturesafe" Cleaning SuppliesTM Natural Cleaning Products 1 pkt.$5.00$3.00
1640Glide™ Shaving OilnewSmoothest shave !!1/3oz$5.00$3.00
1626Glisten™toothpastenewnatural enzymes$5.00$2.00
1604Vanilla Bean natural bar soapnewExceptional soap$4.00$2.00
1608Sorbolene & Glycerine bar soapnewvery mild and gentile$4.00$2.00
1606Wattle Seed Scrub bar soapnewgreat for problem skin$4.00$2.00

* CV = Commission Value: the % payments to the upline and sponsor are derived from this number.

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