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Dear Fellow Health Enthusiast,

Below is the text of a customer welcome letter from L.D. White, President & CEO of Higher Ideals. Mr. White is really quite an amazing person, building this company on honesty, integrity, the highest quality and lowest possible price and people like you who demand a healthy lifestyle. I commend Mr. White for allowing us this fantastic opportunity to belong to this fantastic organization. Higher Ideals is everything that the name portrays and more. You can visit their Higher Ideals Co., Inc. Web Page at for more information on products and the company. Please state that you were sent by me. If there is anything we can do for you, or any questions you wish to ask, please E-Mail us. Thank you for the time to reply. And now a word from Mr. White...

Dear Customer,

It is my privilege to welcome you to the exciting world of HIGHER IDEALS. Our mission is to develop people of primary greatness. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the complete wellness of each life we touch - the physical, intellectual, spiritual & emotional. We feel that you can make a difference.

We are proud to offer superior products unequalled in quality and innovation. In collaboration with leading immunologists, nutritionists and academic scientists we have created the most exceptional line of proprietary consumer products in America today - or the world. We have specifically formulated our exclusive line of products using only naturally derived substances that are effective and environmentally safe.

Higher Ideals also offers customers an opportunity to be part of a fresh, professional approach, with a truly unique HIGH PAYOUT, and effective compensation plan. Designed by a leading industry expert, customers will experience true rewards for their efforts.

We at HIGHER IDEALS have teamed with you the customer and user of our leading edge products, so you can literally give "The Gift of Health"... for a loved one... for your family... for yourself. Our goal is to support and help build a strong family unit, to work with these families to build stronger communities, and thus strengthen our God given freedoms and society. May your life be blessed with primary greatness as you seek to serve others. It's your turn to... TOUCH A LIFE.


L.D. White

President & C.E.O.

2300 North Main
North Logan, Utah 84341
Phone 1-801-752-1777
Fax 1-801-750-6738
Customer Orders 1-800-636-8644
Product Information 1-800-649-5496
Fax Back 1-801-750-5638

Why is Higher Ideals such a rare opportunity?

Higher Ideals bought the assets of a company that was about a year and a half old, which was strong enough to be a Money Maker's Monthly Company of the month in 1994. The management team of Higher Ideals then spent the next year, of what they considered to be a two year program, to prepare the company for a national launch. During that year, over 40 new products were researched , developed and introduced, laying the foundation for pre-launch in 1996. It incorporates a state-of-the-art computer system and proven software that is virtually unlimited in capacity through convenient and readily available add-ons. Today they have over 70 products and will continue to introduce new products on a regular basis. Obviously, the company already has far more going for it than most companies at official launch. Even with all this and the advent of its new telecommunications system and the introduction of its Interactive World Wide Web Site, it continues to strive on a daily basis to improve and keep up-to-date with technology and new and innovative products. Higher Ideals is a company with the rare combination of being in pre-launch with over a year of foundational building preparation. A relatively unknown entity, but due to the experience and strength behind it....Higher Ideals doesn't have the growing pains and start-up problems most new companies experience.

With all that Higher Ideals has already introduced , it is DEBT FREE and is backed by multi-millionaires and doctors. It has great management, with experience and a successful track record in both network marketing and corporate management, and the capital and the ability to steadily expand; a rare combination of assets and management skills for any network marketing company.

Top good as it gets!

President L. D. White, has been the functional manager for a large aeronautics firm, handling $13 billion in accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. He also managed $125 million in materials and components and was responsible for approximately $1 billion worth of government and corporate property for the national NASA space shuttle program. While there, he developed and implemented decentralization of the Space Division's property system realizing over $222,000 in operations savings in just the first year alone.

L. D., as he prefers to be called, has traveled extensively internationally. As Secretary Treasurer for the Consortium for International Development, he developed and implemented, both nationally and internationally, their financial and budgeting systems. He has been a consultant to the government of Venezuela, and various universities interested in organizing consortiums. This international experience will be invaluable, as Higher Ideals, Inc., intends to be an international company in the near future. Perhaps the most important fact, however, is that L. D. loves and respects the true entrepreneur. He has been the president of his own firm where he has patented and marketed special equipment, so as a distributor-oriented president he knows the marketing challenges that distributors face. L. D. said, "I want the power to be invested in the distributors. I want to make it as easy as possible for distributors to make money. I want the distributor of Higher Ideals to be the best compensated, for their efforts, in our business." It was with this understanding that L. D. was finally coaxed out of retirement to head this company, for he first had to be convinced that Higher Ideals would be a company of "Primary Greatness."

Colin White, Higher Ideals National Marketing Director is a self made millionaire, Since his graduation from Utah State University with a degree in business administration, specializing in finance and international banking, Colin has never been formally employed by any company he did not own. Colin was awarded an honorary medallion from the government of Argentina for his marketing efforts of Family Value materials in that country and he is listed in the official directory of "Outstanding Young Men In America." Besides owning the largest dedicated lighting company in the state of Hawaii, Colin has been a consultant to many other large companies. He has shared his marketing, he has had the largest and fastest growing down-lines in multi-million dollar MLM companies. Higher Ideals is honored that he is a part of the management team that will make Higher Ideals a household name.

Higher Ideals ...A Company with purpose and a mission.

The founders could have called the company by some other clever nutritional name by they didn't ...they called it "Higher Ideals," setting a "high" standard to live up to. Higher Ideals considers its Independent Distributors to be even more than a team, but a family of distributors. It is dedicated to presenting quality products at affordable prices to families across America, while rewarding those who share the concept with others.

Higher Ideals' mission statement is brief but powerful. Their primary mission is to create people of "Primary Greatness." To help accomplish this, their secondary mission is to provide the opportunity to give the "Gift of Health" by formulating whole food products of the highest quality available. Products that compliment each other by working together, to provide supplemental income to families everywhere and create the most consumer friendly network anywhere.

Higher Ideals' mission is a mission of purpose, and that is to positively "Touch a Life" and to personalize it so each individual feels it's impact. A demonstration of this is their sponsorship of children in undeveloped countries. For each $50,000cv in product volume, they sponsor a child somewhere in the world, with updates about them appearing in their "In Touch" newsletter.

IN SUMMARY: Higher Ideals has taken every negative out of a typical network marketing company and reversed the trend by having higher pay, lower product prices, easy qualifications to receive a monthly income, and incentives built in to receive additional bonuses and free shipping. The fact they already have 2 1/2 years of hands-on-experience, along with the company being Well Capitalized and Debt Free, means you can rely on a long term residual income month after month and year after year.

Now, Call 1-801-750-5638 and request the fax on demand document.

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