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HARMONIZERS™ Personal Body Care Products

Harmonizer™ personal care Products Harmonize With Nature! under construction The Harmonizer™ line of products is just new !! More information will be added soon !! Keep checking !!

Our NEW Harmonizers™ are plant, or botanically based products that put your body in harmony with itself, and because they are much more biodegradable and safe for the environment, they truly harmonize with nature! These ARE NOT "me too" personal care products! Our Harmonizers™ product line will lead the entire industry and world in the way they protect and are safer for your body and are suitable for all skin types, including delicate skin tissue because they are NOT petroleum based.

new,new,new,new,newMagnificent Mango™ , or Apricot Blossom™ Shampoo new,new,new,new,new
Truly a unique experience in Salon Grade Shampoo! You'll absolutely LOVE them and your family will too. No Sodium Laurel Sulfate, etc..., and WON'T BURN YOUR EYES! Great for Salon use!
#1620 Magnificent Mango™ Shampoo 16 oz. HI Member w/s Price $8.00($4 cv)
#1621 Apricot Blossom™ Shampoo 16 oz.HI Member w/s Price $8.00 ($4 cv)

new,new,new,new,newMouthwash - Original, or Cinnamonnew,new,new,new,new
Contains NO alcohol, dyes, artificial colors, or propylene glycol! We've included Aloe Vera to our mouthwash because of its great anti-inflammatory properties (especially useful when using a mouthwash for sore throats).
#1630 Mouthwash - Original 8 oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)
#1635 Mouthwash - Cinnamon 16 oz. HI Member w/s Price $8.00 ($4cv)

new,new,new,new,newAluminum Free - Roll On Deodorantnew,new,new,new,new
Both our Roll On and Spray Mist Deodorants are clean, clear and totally unadulterated with dyes, synthetic chemicals, and and the like. We DO NOT use aluminum chlorohydrate synthesized by man as the principal active ingredient like the billion dollar giants use. Aluminum is a very effective natural deodorant (the challenge came in using it in this true, form, and most natural form). They only known place where potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate combine and form potassium alum sulfate naturally is in ocean or sea water. The ocean contains about 2,200 metric tons of alum per square mile of ocean water. The presence of potassium alum sulfate is what keeps ocean water fresh. Both our Roll Ons and our Spray Mist deodorants are principally purified water with these potassium alum sulfates. They are another very exciting breakthrough...a natural way to keep you feeling fresh! Antibacterial, hypo-allergenic, and biodegradable, these non staining deodorants provide 24 hours of protection.
#1650 Aloe & Cucumber 3oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)
#1652 Unscented 3oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)

new,new,new,new,newAluminum Free - Spray Mist Deodorantnew,new,new,new,new
Our Spray Mist Deodorant is the same formulation as above except is a mist spray.
#1657 Aloe & Cucumber 4oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)
#1659 Unscented 4oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)

new,new,new,new,new Hand & Body Lotionnew,new,new,new,new
Our new Cherry Almond lotion with tea tree oil, is a must buy for all skin types. It is penetrating, non greasy, and includes only the highest quality ingredients to keep your skin soft. Aloe Vera and Ode extracts are included to soothe and protect exceptionally dry and sensitive skin . We also include vitamin E, grape seed extract and curcuminoids as powerful antioxidants that help your skin fight "free radicals" that may cause harm to your skin.
# 1665 Cherry Almond Scent 8 oz. HI Member w/s Price $6.00 ($3cv)

new,new,new,new,newHand & Body Soappnew,new,new,new,new
If you want botanically based cleansers, our Harmonizers™ line will provide them! We have made some major breakthroughs in cleaners! Our hand soaps use decyl polyglucose instead of the traditional sodium or ammonium lauryl sulfates. (We have chosen not to use these ingredients because of increased criticism and research has noted ocular problems with their use). We therefore, couldn't even consider them. Decyl polyglucose is plant derived from coconuts, corn, and palms. Higher Ideals is the first ever to use a decyl polyglucose. You will not find it on any other label anywhere! Absolutely no harsh ingredients will be found in these products!
# 1670 Aloe & Cucumber Scent 4 oz. HI Member w/s Price $6.00 ($3cv)
# 1674 Unscented 4 oz. HI Member w/s Price $6.00 ($3cv)

new,new,new,new,new Glide™ Shaving Oilnew,new,new,new,new
New Glide™ Shaving Oil is a Revolutionary shaving experience to say the least. It is NOT a cream or gel, and definitely goes way beyond what other shaving agents can do. It is so versatile that you can use it with a hand held regular, or electric razor (and you sure can't do that with creams or gels!). It is gentle enough for the ladies to use, yet softens men's beards for a clean close shave. Glide™ is a pure blend of essential oils from plants. Plus, Glide™ is extremely economical! You only need to use 3 to 4 drops each time you shave and you don't get razor burn! The 1/3 ounce Glide shaving oil has arrived! It only takes a few drops of Glide™ for a smooth, razor burn-free shave. If you would like to experience a clean, smooth shave, make sure Glide is on your next order. I personally recommend this product. Since I have started using Glide™ I have not used any after shave because there is NO razor burn! and my face feels soft and fresh !!.
#1640 Glide Shaving Oil 1/3oz. HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($3cv)
#1641 Glide sample card HI Member w/s Price $1.00 ($.50cv)

new,new,new,new,new Glisten™ Toothpastenew,new,new,new,new
Our NEW Glisten™ toothpaste is the first of its kind in the industry! Glisten™ is an all natural toothpaste that contains ENZYMES! These enzymes actually eat the plaque and tartar right off your teeth, but WILL NOT harm the enamel. If you've been looking for an all natural, chemical free toothpaste that has the power to easily handle even the toughest problems of plaque and tartar, then you need Glisten.
#1626 Glisten™ Toothpaste HI Member w/s Price $5.00 ($2cv)

new,new,new,new,new Vanilla Bean Natural Bar Soapnew,new,new,new,new
Vanilla Bean Natural Bar Soap #1604 HI Member w/s Price $4.00 ($2cv)

new,new,new,new,new Sorbolene & Glycerine Bar Soapnew,new,new,new,new
Sorbolene & Glycerine Bar Soap #1608 HI Member w/s Price $4.00 ($2cv)

higher ideals, higher ideals

Higher Ideals colloidal minerals  grape seed extract OPCs adaptogen herbs vitamins shampoo personal care skin care higher ideals mlm network marketing home business opportunity income opportunities lifeplus  new vision mushrooms

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