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How to order
Sponsor Information
Important Phone Numbers
Referral Opportunity

To order, simply call 1-800-636-8644 (M-F 8 am to 5 pm Mountain Time) and give them the name and ID# of your Sponsor & Upline found below. This 800 number is for product ordering only. Below are some other important Phone numbers.
An order form is also available from the fax-on-demand # 1-435-750-5638

Sponsor's Information
Your Customer Representative is:
Sam Reynolds
ID# 28818

Upline's Information
The person you will be placed under if participating in the referral opportunity is:
Sam Reynolds
ID# 28818


Higher Ideals accepts VISA, MASTERCARD and Checks by Phone or Fax.

Important Phone Numbers

Order Products Toll Free: 1-800-636-8644

Some areas may not be able to use the 435 area code.
If incur a problem please use area code 801 instead of 435.

24 Hour Fax-Back #: 1-435-750-5638
Call this number from any phone, select the fax option, the enter option 1 of the options mentioned. Give the fax # of the machine you want it faxed to. Don't hang up until you have selected the other options available. When you hang up all the pages will be faxed to the number you designated.

Customer Service #: 435-752-1777

Call this number to talk to someone in the main office. they can answer questions about products or administrative matters. Most questions can be answered by your personal customer representative found above, please call them first before calling this number.

Customer Service Fax #: 435-750-6738
Use this to fax in Applications AutoShip orders, Questions, Suggestions, etc.

Referral Opportunity:
Taking advantage of the MaxiPay Plan is easy! You simply become an Independent Marketing Representative, and purchase our informative "starter kit" for only $7 (over a $12 value). This kit includes audio tapes, product cards, and other information to help you become more informed about our products, and the opportunity. Of course there is no charge for becoming a "customer only", and receiving our products at wholesale. When you call to place your order, you will be asked if you want to become a customer or a marketing representative. Once you specify representative, you are now on your way to earning enough to receive your products for free or establishing a lucrative monthly income of thousands! Either way, you will find MaxiPAy the perfect compensation plan to help you reach your financial goals.

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How to Order
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Your Sponsor
& Upline is
Sam Reynolds
Member ID # 28818

higher ideals, higher ideals