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Doc's Mineral Rocks PRODUCT ELEMENTS*

Aluminum - Antimony - Arsenic - Barium - Beryllium - Bismuth - Boron - Cadmium - Calcium - Carbon - Cerium - Cesium - Chlorine - Chromium - Cobalt - Copper - Dysprosium - Erbium - Europium - Gadolinium - Gallium - Germanium - Gold - Hafnium - Holmium - Hydrogen - Indium - Iodine - Iridium - Iron - Lanthanum - Lead - Lithium - Lutetium - Magnesium - Manganese - Mercury - Molybdenum - Neodymium - Nickel - Niobium - Nitrogen - Osmium - Oxygen - Palladium - Phosphorus - Platinum - Potassium - Praseodymium - Rhenium - Rhodium - Rubidium - Ruthenium - Samarium - Scandium - Selenium - Silicon - Silver - Sodium - Strontium - Sulfur - Tantalum - Tellurium - Terbium - Thallium - Thorium - Thulium - Tin - Titanium - Tungsten - Vanadium - Ytterbium - Zinc

* Testing done by United States Testing - WAL, Inc. - Coors Laboratories - Ford Chemical Lab
Description and amounts may vary from lab to lab.

Note:Many companies imitating and/or marketing minerals from the same source display a routine lab analysis providing an approximation of elemental metal content (not colloids), and whatever else they may be adding. These assays are limited in their ability to detect the very small colloids and none of them are equipped to determine the complex form they are in, or if they are truly plant-derived. Some even provide RDA (recommended daily allowance) percentiles in an effort to give nutritional credibility to their products. Putting out a list of elemental mineral percentiles and calling them "colloids", or "plant-derived" is only a very small part of understanding and evaluating a comparison of products. Please refer to the bio-electronic test performed by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (biophysicist) at the Kaiserlautern University ( ) in Germany.

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The contents of a TRUE colloidal mineral product vary slightly from bottle to bottle. Since they are from an ORGANIC source (i.e. a plant source and COMPLETELY non-toxic) it is impossible to control the levels of minerals present in a complex of over 70 elemental minerals. To assure an even distribution of minerals several sample areas at the mine are used to produce each batch of Doc's Mineral Rocks. Most of the minerals are in trace amounts (i.e. minute quantities required by an organism to maintain proper physical functioning). There is no way to accurately measure the exact amounts of the trace minerals that are present in the mine deposit area, since they exist in microgram amounts and in complex colloidal form. One company is advertising 38 grams of TRACE mineral solids in their product. When you consider that the human requirements for trace minerals are measured in micrograms you can see what an incredible overdose this is. And, the minerals that come from other sources are mostly metallic in nature and potentially toxic. People have used the Clark source and mine products for over 70 years based on results, not statistics. Higher Ideals now extracts from that same source area. Nobel Prize winning scientists have studied this product and marvelled at it's properties.

Doc's Mineral Rocks contains only the purest concentrate available. This is one product where truly "Trying and seeing is believing". Also, it is impossible to measure by any known means or by microscope, the amounts of a colloid substance.

Using a metals assay/analysis as a tool to select a trace minerals product for human consumption is not a valid use, except to show the levels of potentially toxic materials and heavy metals which do not exist in our plant source colloidal minerals. Also, if the product is natural, it will be impossible to control the levels of actual minerals present in a complex of over 70 elemental minerals. Our product contains over 70 minerals which exist as particles in ionized and other complex colloids. There are literally millions of potential complexes that can exist in this environment. It is impossible to break these colloids down and give you an accurate picture of each one. Most of these complexes have not been identified and the knowledge does not exist to explain their function. The companies that sell colloidal minerals and publish the amounts of each mineral quantity are measuring the toxic heavy metal and elemental minerals in the solution, not the actual colloidal form of trace minerals.

The only valid means of assessing a trace mineral products value is through function tests. But, the most valuable test of all is thousands of people regularly using our product, many with only positive results being consistently provided.

Let's face it folks,
Since some of you have some background in chemistry, you realize there are no absolutes. The fact of the matter is that these type of tests have been run on many of our competitor's products not once, but many times. The results would embarrass anyone selling any of these products. We are dealing with a natural organic deposit that varies with every batch and possibly square foot of volume. You cannot state with certainty what is in a particular bottle, unless you have run an expensive and extensive analysis on that bottle, or you are controlling ingredients by putting them into the solution after the fact. Now what about all the results that you see posted by these other companies? Let's be real careful and make an absolute knockout batch and test it, and if it isn't good enough let's do another until we get a good test bottle and send it in for an analysis (a heavy metals/elemental one at that). If the results look good, then it means it is all good or that's what the consumer will believe. WRONG! Common sense and industry knowledge will tell you it should vary. How can an organic source be consistent to the p.p.m. through thousands of bottles and hundreds of batches? The Higher Ideals company is run by some very dedicated and honest people. When they say Higher Ideals, they mean Higher Ideals and absolutely nothing less!. They go to great lengths to carry only the best quality products and ingredients, they use more costly ingredients, etc, in their products. They cannot in all good conscience put up an analysis and pass it off as an official test report. They could like other companies, but they won't. We have been hammering them since we have started distributing for them to publish documentation. They will not, for the reasons already stated numerous times.

Now to carry this further, as to why not just publish just a typical test like all of the other companies selling minerals. There is no "typical" test. The lab personnel and researchers have found that the test results vary from 50% to 100% deviation depending on the batch and harvest area this even includes other types of testing. That is significant. Not with just this product, but all of the colloidal mineral products. Looking into this further, they have isolated what is the key ingredient in colloidal minerals which causes the variation and furthermore its "magical properties". It is FULVIC ACID. This is a very recent breakthrough in nutritional research which will overtake the colloidal mineral market very soon. Fulvic acid is the catalyst which greatly aids transport of minerals into and out of the cells. It is known that Fulvic Acid is readily admitted into cells. This may be in part to it's low molecular weight, it's electrical potential, it's bio-transporting ability, and other factors just waiting to be discovered and understood. Scientists do know however, that once inside the living cell, Fulvic Acid is the major ingredient in the selective trading or supply of minerals and other nutrient factors inside the cell. Can you see why Fulvic Acid is so important? First, it gets into the cells, and second, once in them, it may be the very catalyst that makes sure the cells get precisely the amount of minerals and other nutrients they need to function at peak efficiency. This is only the beginning, however, of the marvelous mystery of Fulvic Acid. In addition to supplying these essential nutrients to the cell, it has been shown that Fulvic Acid can actually chelate toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Fulvic Acid is effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic materials, everything from heavy metals and radio-active waste to petro-chemicals. In fact, it has been shown to be so effective that tests are soon to be conducted on a new system designed to compost land fill refuse using Fulvic Acid and Humic Acids to safely render all toxins harmless.

It also scavenges the free radicals in the cells, removing any and all heavy metals and toxins. Again, can you see the power of, and need for Fulvic Acid? What is more important than being able to de-toxify the body at the cellular level while providing the cells the nutrients it needs at the same time! Higher Ideals Doc's Mineral Rocks has Fulvic Acid, and more importantly, we have the right levels of Fulvic Acid and other trace minerals! Fulvic acid in colloidal minerals helps to cause false test results because it is synergistic to the colloidal minerals. You can have the same exact mineral amounts and yield different measurable results because of the Fulvic Acid interaction with them. This explains to some degree the varying test results of the same batch. The same minerals from the Clark source, which is what Higher Ideals markets, is very high in Fulvic Acid, but the batches are never exactly consistent. You might have noticed varying shades of yellow or pink in the Higher Ideals Concentrated Premium Blend. That is due to the high fulvic acid content. Now to compound this problem even more, Higher Ideals is not very happy with inconsistency. It is standard procedure with the other companies, but not at Higher Ideals. We have researched and acquired the highest fulvic acid colloidal mineral deposit from the same source as the T.J. Clark Mine and have begun an operation of providing a measurable consistent product!. It appears this location next to the Clark Mine is a richer deposit than the Clark's Location. Realize this deposit covers thousands of acres and deemed a Prehistoric Rain Forest by the Government. Many other companies are using claybed sea minerals, with little or no Fulvic Acid. The uniqueness of this Higher Ideals purchased deposit is that it lies under so few feet of earth. It hasn't been compressed to the degree that most claybed deposits have, including the Clark mine. It is still full of the plant source colloids and fulvic acids. The company (Higher Ideals) is aware of many company's propaganda but will not blow them out of the water with some of the information it has, it is not their way, nor is it an ethical business practice. They will be producing the BEST product this market has ever seen and will be able to back it up. Soon, you will see Doc's Colloidal Rock's now with Fulvic Acid. To top it all off the bottom line is no longer how much minerals are in it, but how much Fulvic Acid. Without Fulvic Acid the cell interchange will be totally inefficient. You can take a product with a high mineral content and it would not be as effective as a product with half the minerals but with more Fulvic Acid. Kind of like standing at the gas pump with the nozzle in your gas tank and the handle depressed but the electricity to the pump is shut off.

Colloidal minerals are still without a doubt, the hottest product in network marketing and for our living cells which make up our being. Higher Ideals has been the hottest for two reasons - not only are they the "Real McCoy" but they are also the lowest priced of any major company, and the only true, convenient, super concentrate. So let's rest on our laurels for having the best right? No way - not Higher Ideals!

Now, we have another major breakthrough! Our minerals contain `Fulvic Acid '. Now why is that important? The fact that they have `Fulvic Acid ' may be more important than even having so many trace minerals, some top researchers have told us. `Fulvic Acid ' is so important - and well known in Europe - the Germans use it as a pharmaceutical cure-all, and it is so vital that a Polish company has a patented process for it!

While our product has always had `Fulvic Acid ', we are the first major firm that has researched it and sought for some real concrete answers concerning its effectiveness. In addition, we've found some especially rich fulvic deposits, and can now bring you a better quality product than ever before. When our forthcoming production run comes in, our new labels will now indicate clearly that they are a `Fulvic Acid ' Colloidal. It is important that colloidal mineral users look at the labels of their products and see if `Fulvic Acid ' is listed as an ingredient! If it isn't listed, it, probably doesn't have it (most sources don't, or have inadequate amounts!) and their product may not be as safe - it may even be toxic! Do not be concerned if you get one of our bottles that does not list this ingredient, it is still there. Due to the huge backup supply we keep on hand and put into production for security and safety reasons to handle growth, it may be April before many of these new labels are on product that is shipped. Also, as we are watched closely by most major firms, as our rapid growth continues, watch other firms try and pick up on our lead and offer some type of `Fulvic Acid ' product. Our Colloidal Mineral source is the same as always, and Higher Ideals' Doc's Mineral Rocks has ALWAYS had FULVIC ACID in it....alongside many Valuable Minerals!! FULVIC ACID can be an effective co-factor to Greatly Enhance Mineral Absorption ...AND ..... ....A great transport co-factor to get those potentially harmful Toxins out of your body more readily....Hence, "A Clean Body is A Healthy Body."

So now that you have the latest information, are you ready to sign up to take advantage in the next wave of explosive growth?

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Higher Ideals, Inc. is not responsible for the information contained herein since it is presented by an Independent Customer Representative. Any claims made herein are the sole responsibility of the Independent Customer Representative. Any questions concerning information herein should be addressed to the Independent Customer Representative.

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