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Thomas J. Clark Colloidal Minerals

Information provided by C & M Laboratories International


For hundreds of years before the white man came, the Piute Indians of Central Utah journeyed to a legendary spring known for its extraordinary healing powers. With the coming of the white settlers and relocation of the Indians, the legend and the whereabouts of the spring were almost forgotten.

In 1925 an ailing rancher named Thomas Clark was led to this same spring by one of the few remaining Indian elders. Soon after drinking the water he underwent an amazing recovery. Encouraged by this result he became determined to unlock the secret of this mysterious healing spring.

As he followed the spring back into the surrounding mountains he came upon a unique deposit of compressed plant material which the spring water was flowing through. It was later determined to be the remains of an ancient rain forest, over 120 million years old.

When this material was tested, it was found to contain a startling number of over 70 different minerals and rare colloidal trace minerals. Tom developed a simple leaching process to extract these minerals and began passing the "miracle liquid out to his friends and neighbors. Some of the testimonials he received back were truly remarkable and by word of mouth only, its use began to spread. Convinced that his discovery could help many people, he devoted the rest of his life to distributing the product and improving the formula. He passed this knowledge on to his son, also named Thomas.

Tom Clark II, in his fascination with the product, did further research to determine why the product produced such dramatic effects on people's health. He believed the product also had unusual electrical properties. This was later confirmed by a special electronic wavelength test done by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, one of Germany's foremost biophysicists. The minerals had a natural negative charge, known as bioactive minerals.

This time honored tradition is now carried on by the 3rd generation of the Clark family. Today thousands of people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of this legendary product, along with several new bioactive trace mineral products formulated by Thomas Clark lll.


It has become necessary to publish this letter to clear up a vast amount of confusion that has been generated recently about colloidal mineral products - what they are, who manufactures them and the differences in sources and quality.

A colloid is a particle substance that retains its identity and remains in liquid suspension. Colloids are very small in size and therefore easily absorbed by the cells of the body. Plants convert metallic minerals into this form. Dr. Carey Reams, a well known biophysicist and biochemist, discovered that colloids can get so small they can go through glass. And that even within a colloid there can be a "solar system" of different minerals. They have a natural negative electrical charge. Dr. Reams found that the human body requires 84 of the known 106 elements to maintain optimum health. Many more than is currently recognized.

In 1925, a historic discovery was made by Thomas J. Clark, a rancher in Central Utah. Through an unusual set of circumstances the mineral remains of an ancient rain forest, determined by the U.S. Dept. of Interior to be from the Cretaceous period, approximately 60 million to 127 million years old, were encapsulated and preserved. The material is not humic shale, bentonite, clay or dried up sea beds. Selections from various parts of the deposit are used to insure a balance of the over 65 various minerals and trace minerals that form the exclusive, premium T.J. Clark product.

These rare colloidal plant minerals are extracted with pure, cool clear water to the desired concentration and then processed through a complex array of special filters to allow only the organic colloidal minerals in the final solution. There are no preservatives, flavorings, or synthetic substances added.

The T.J. Clark liquid minerals have a natural negative electrical charge. This has two very important benefits. One, it greatly increases the transport and bioavailability of other nutrients gotten from foods and/or vitamins and other supplements. And two, it will attract toxins and heavy metals from the body and flush them out. Clinical tests done here in the U.S. and in Germany have verified this. (Details upon request)

Presently, the 70 year old T.J. Clark mine is the only one of its kind that has been discovered. It is owned and operated by the third generation of the Clark family and no other person or companies have mineral rights to it.

Minerals in their metallic form can be toxic to the human body. Dangerous levels of these metallic minerals can accumulate in the tissues and create serious health problems.

Plant source minerals, produced by the T. J. Clark company are completely non-toxic, and is proven by its 70 year history of positive results with the thousands of its customers, and verified by the following scientific test done in Germany.

Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, a biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany, developed a very sophisticated and precise method of determining whether or not a substance is toxic or to what (degree it is beneficial to live cells. This method accurately measures the actual life energy output of these cells. The T. J. Clark minerals not only tested completely non-toxic, but increased the cell's life energy output beyond what Dr. Popp had established as his optimum output benchmark. He congratulated us on the excellence of the product. No other manufacturer of natural colloidal minerals has this test guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of their product. (Summary of this test available upon request)

Thousands of people all over the world are enjoying the benefits of the original premium Clark minerals, and the 3rd generation of the T. J. Clark family is committed to seeing that this standard of excellence is continued.

C & M Laboratories Int'l Inc.


Dr. Robert LaFave of the Metabolic Research Center in the USA
It has been said by many well known and reputable authorities in both the medical and natural health fields, that the beginning of debilitating disease (conditions) starts with demineralization of the body! Without these minerals it is impossible for the regeneration process in the cell to occur. In fact, an enzyme . . (which is a group of amino acids, plus a mineral) cannot exist without minerals and trace minerals!

Within the confines of the membrane of the cell are little factories called organelles, (Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Lysomes, etc.). Each one of these little factories must receive fuel to: (1) Reproduce itself in a healthy state through the production of the proper level of energy, (2) Packaging of other substances manufactured by the cells for other parts of the body.

An excessive amount of protein in and around the cell inhibits the function of the cell to produce tHe material necessary for the development of energy.

None of the functions within the cell can occur without all of the minerals and trace minerals being present .

The question is...where can we obtain all of these minerals and trace minerals in a proper balance and know that the body will be able to assimilate all of them immediately?

Until recently this has not been possible! Thank goodness, there now is a product available . . . containing over 65 major and trace minerals from a totally natural source in the balance that the body is readily able to use.

Clark's Original Mineral Formula has a fantastic ability to help re-establish the very delicate balance in and around the cell . . . so that the enzymes can bring about the regeneration process.

Our past research explains the many testimonials of what happened to people after they took the Clark's Minerals. People who couldn't walk for five years are now walking, eye-sight and hearing improved, equilibrium restored, pain in arms, feet, turned ankles, and sunburns

relieved, and so much more. We do not say that these things occur simply because of taking the Clark's Original Mineral Formula, but it certainly is amazing how quickly people seem to regain their health whenever the minerals and trace minerals are supplied in the proper balance to the body.


Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Chief of Staff of the Specialized Clinic for Chronic Illnesses and Therapy Resistant Patients, in Uberlingen, Germany had the Clark's Minerals tested in his clinical studies. He said, "Since we can practically eliminate dietary influences in our fasting patients, we can really draw conclusions as to the results and effects of any medical treatment in a very clear way. We were able to observe that the Clark's Mineral Formula enhances the de-poisoning ability of the organism in a very positive way. It activates and speeds the healing process, especially in chronic illnesses."

Ulrich Sommer, a pharmacist from Burg/Dittmarschen, Germany was the first one to introduce Clark's Minerals to the German market. He reports, "We finally have a natural, well balanced combination of minerals and mineral elements that enhance the body functions and result in the best way of nutrition."

Positive experiences from patients reaffirm the statements from doctors and researchers. Irmgard Maistrasse, 70 years old from Senden, Germany says: "Since I have been taking one or two tablespoons of the Clark's Minerals daily, my high blood pressure has been normalized, my heartburn, that has bothered me for years, is all gone."

Anna Merrei, 44 years old, from Neu Ulm, in W. Germany says that she has been taking the Clark's Mineral Formula for ten weeks. She had a stiff thumb that was to be operated on, now she can move it fully without any kind of surgery. Also her swollen glands have been completely healed on the side of her face and neck area as well as regularizing her digestion.

According to the most recent research in the medical field, the destruction of cells which leads to degenerative diseases is caused by a lack of minerals and mineral trace elements.

Pharmacist Sommer explains that "The Clark's Mineral Formula is not a medication but a necessary addition to one's daily nutritional diet."

"This mine is really a unique source of colloidal minerals and happens to be the only one of its kind known at this time. American researcher and Nobel prize winner, Linus Pauling, as well as nutritionist doctors and authors such as Dr. Angel Chacon, Dr. Elmer Cranton, and Dr. Michael Sichel are proponents of this unique mineral supplement. They point out that the cells of the human body actually do need the over 72 minerals and mineral elements contained in the Clark's Original Mineral Formula, in order to avoid premature aging. They are also necessary to regenerate the cells and to build up resistance."

The human body can only stay healthy when it receives the entire spectrum of natural minerals, trace mineral elements, and vitamins in the daily diet. These are the basic building blocks for all life. Vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and hormones and other substances needed by the body to build new cells depend entirely on the influx of mineral elements which also include very tiny amounts of mineral elements which are very difficult to get, if not impossible, in today's depleted food."


A healthy plant, animal or human has a natural resistance to disease and is patterned by nature to resist invaders and heal itself. In a majority and growing segment of today's population the "resistance level" or immune system has become dangerously weakened.

The question is, "Why is the natural immune system breaking down on such a widespread basis?" Drugs, diet, and pollution, certainly are factors, however, more basic reasons are being overlooked or not given adequate emphasis.


The following excerpts from an excellent book called SURVIVAL OF CIVILIZATION by Hamaker & Weaver, tell a rather grim story.

. . ."Civilization has been brought to the verge of extinction with virtually no knowledge of how to avoid it".

. . ."the quality (health, vigor, intelligence, longevity, etc.) of all living things depends on the protoplasm of life in the soil and that depends on the availability of elements in the soil stone".

. . ."As the various elements required by enzymes disappear from the soil, various body functions must inevitably fail, so that diseases of malnutrition become the norm rather than the exception".

. . ."The laboratory proof is done. Thus the many of the behavioral problems of epidemic proportions in this country..functional illiteracy, crime, alcoholism, dope addiction. . .are primarily brought about by malnutrition... It makes a clear picture of why all the living things on Earth have been slowly starving to death."

This and other convincing evidence reveals that cumulative deficiencies are the largest cause of physical problems and aging. Dr. Carey A. Reams, an American biophysicist and biochemist, did extensive research on minerals and found that the human body requires 84 of the basic elements (out of the known 106 elements) to maintain good health. This is considerably more than thought necessary by authorities on health. Researchers admit that scientific study into the use and function of all the elements is far from complete.

Certain of these elements are received directly from the air and sunlight, the remaining ones come from plants and animals which process minerals into a colloidal form that the human body can assimilate and use.

Due to depleted soils these vital minerals, and especially the important trace minerals, have practically disappeared in the entire food chain.

These existing studies form an obvious conclusion. The basic nutritional deficiencies suffered today by the majority of people in all parts of the world are due to a lack of minerals and especially the difficult to obtain trace minerals.

Building and maintaining a healthy body, and also the prevention of many serious diseases depends entirely on a daily intake of these basic building blocks.


July 16, 1986

(UMC) A group of 500 people gathered in a hotel auditorium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sat spellbound as Dr. Cole J. Miller conducted a live demonstration. Dr. Miller is a doctor of pharmacology and a Clinical Toxicology Consultant.

The demonstration was to illustrate the effects of a concentrated liquid mineral product called Clark's Original Mineral Formula. The material from which the product is manufactured comes from the remains of an ancient plant deposit which was discovered by Thomas J. Clark in 1925. The material was found to contain over 70 minerals and rare trace minerals.

Dr. Miller selected ten people from the audience and took a blood sample from each of them and displayed the samples through a microscope that was connected to a large TV monitor. All of the samples showed that the cells of the blood were formed in clumps. Dr. Miller explained that undernourished cells tend to clump together, making it difficult or impossible for them to pass through the small veins and capillary system of the body.

This, he remarked, is a symptom of poor circulation that leads to many health problems related to malnutrition, one of the major ones being heart conditions.

Each of the participants was given one ounce of the minerals. Ten to fifteen minutes later another blood sample was taken. To the amazement of the audience the individual cells had now completely separated out and were floating freely in the blood.

Dr. Miller went on to explain that the separation of the cells was brought about by the electrical characteristics of the various mineral elements. Dr. Miller has concluded that these mineral elements furnish the major missing factor in the nutritional requirements of the body. There are many more minerals needed than has been currently recognized, he stated. While more research has yet to be done, Dr. Miller believes that an increased understanding of the part minerals play will provide the basic answers to most diseases.

Regular use of Clark's Minerals, he recommends, would provide excellent insurance that one is receiving a balance of minerals, especially the hard to obtain trace minerals.


To: All Distributors, Health Professionals & Researchers From: Bob Musack President, C & M Laboratories Int'l, Inc. February 19, 1996
I had the pleasure of meeting with Gottfried Lange M.D. last week on his trip over here from Germany. We discussed some of the clinical research results that he and his associate Dr. Martin Keymer had come up with in using the T. J. Clark minerals. Dr's Lange and Keymer have been using the minerals for about six years now. Dr. Lange specializes in toxicology and how pollutants effect the absorption of nutrients at the cellular level.

According to Dr. Lange, nutrients carried by the blood stream are prevented or blocked from reaching the cells by pollutants stored in the connective tissue. He explained that most people have the misconception that the cells are adjacent to the blood stream and easily receive the nutrients. This is not true, he says, the nutrients must travel a distance through the connective tissue and if this tissue is contaminated with pollutants, little or none of the nutrients can reach the cells.

He went on to explain that the T. J. Clark minerals have the unusual ability to attract and flush out these pollutants, thereby allowing the maximum absorption of nutrients from foods, vitamins and other food supplements.

Dr. Keymer's work correlated with this and his conclusion was that the Clark minerals greatly reactivated the mesencyme. The mesencyme is an embryonic layer in the body from which the connective tissue, muscles, and the circulatory and lymphatic system develop. Consistent use is therefore recommended.

These studies and conclusions, along with the test done by professor Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, show the Clark minerals to be a basic supplement that everyone should have added to their daily diet to assure a balance of these natural colloidal minerals. And that continued use would make an effective combatant against today's pollution factors and would greatly increase the quality of one's energy level, overall health and longevity.

Health professionals and researchers who wish to correspond with Dr. Lange, may call or write me for his fax number.


Bob Musack May 28, 1992

Just received a fax with some very interesting news from our Distributor in Germany, Dr. Gottfried Lange, from one of his distributors in Amsterdam. quote: "Last Friday I heard a remarkable success story from my agent in Belgium. An AIDS patient that is in a terminal state started using high doses of the Clark Minerals about 5 weeks ago. After about a week he started feeling much more energetic and did not need his Valium 10 anymore to be able to sleep. Last Friday clinical research showed a remarkable change. A human body needs around 500/600 of a certain cell (you probably know which?) . He had only 6 of these important viable cells left about two months ago. Now it turned out he had 385 viable cells again! ! ! ! The doctor was very, very surprised and so was the patient. So, he went to two other independent laboratories to check if it was true . They all found the same number! " unquote

There's an international AIDS Congress being held in Amsterdam this summer, with over 14,000 people expected. Dr. Lange is planning on attending.

To: Bob Musack, President C & M Laboratories

Dear Bob, I received the bottles of Clark's minerals yesterday, and took a 1/2 teaspoon under the tongue last night. In 5 minutes, I noticed a big cloud of "fuzziness" cleared up, and I could think more clearly, without effort.

In 10 minutes, a ringing in my ears diminished, and by 20 minutes it was gone. I had had this constant ear ringing for about two months!
This morning I woke up clear-headed for the first time in months.
I usually don't write "success stories" for products, or give my endorsement, but make this the exception. Please use my name as a reference.

Thanks again.
Mike Smith

To: C & M Laboratories International, Inc.

Dear J. C. July 30, 1992 I originally bought the Clark Minerals thinking it might handle a skin deal on my finger.

Three days after taking it, while driving home, my head started itching like crazy. While scratching my head I felt a stubble on an area of my head where my hair had been getting thin. When I got home I had my wife look at my head because I couldn't believe it was new hair. Over the next few days more and more stubble appeared.

After a month I noticed the stuff on my fingers had subsided. I also noticed I had more energy. Overall my body runs better on Clark's Minerals. It's kind of like a car without the right fuel, at first it runs rough and over time other problems occur. Clark's Minerals is definitely the right fuel, but more importantly it seems to correct the little problems that have cropped up from using the wrong fuel.

Good stuff!
Gary Hill
San Diego, CA

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