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Higher Ideals for Your Health


The basic health package for you !

Higher Ideals for Your Health

BODY BASICS HEALTH PAKS are new from Higher Ideals. These products are the best on the market, all natural and no artificial ingredients, fillers or additives.

Complete AM (Adult or Silver) and Complete PM (Men or Women) - Provides the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for maintenance of a healthy mind and body. We've built the quality in our Complete vitamins, and have two superior ways to make sure they get absorbed. No other vitamin line in the world can impact your health as positively as our balanced, natural "complete" vitamins.

Enhancer - Provides essential oils for weight loss. Dr. Clouatre says, "For a large percentage of those who are over their ideal weights, the most important single supplement... is essential fatty acids (EFA's) especially the omega-6 fatty acid GLA," as found in Enhancer. You need to take this 2-4 hours before using Fabulous Figure   or 2-4 hours after using it, as the polyglucosamine in Fabulous Figure absorbs these EFA's.

Elite - Enzyme complex to be taken with meals. The lipases break down fats, and the other enzymes assist with weight loss.

Defender - is the most potent, reliable, economical single source free radical scavenger to be found. It has been found that positively charged antioxidants like Vitamin C can double the effectiveness of the polyglucosaminine in Fabulous Figure. Defender is as good as they come!

Doc's Colloidal Rocks - Trace Minerals are very essential to the proper functioning of a body. They facilitate enzymatic action, and vitamins can't even perform their necessary functions without using minerals as catalysts.

Crystal Catalyst - is a specially concentrated mixture of pure crystal distilled water combined with a patented Catalyst. What is it that makes this water so special and how does it work? The Catalyst upon introduction to the distilled water alters the molecular structure of the water, and makes the molecules smaller. Once this key process has occurred, the water then becomes more permeable, and anything dissolved in the water whether it be nutrients from the foods we eat, or nutrients from the vitamins and minerals that we take, are more readily absorbed into our bodies.

Extend (30 ct.) - takes you to new heights and horizons for strengthening your immune system by using a special combination of Interferon Initiators in a complex of powerful mushrooms that creates an immune system fortifier that is just possibly the most beneficial complex ever found in one health and nutrition product.

Invigorate - Higher Ideals has known for some time that dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) just has too many positives to pass by. Our bodies are run by hormones, and DHEA is considered by many to be the "mother of hormones" because it literally can be transformed into over fifty other important hormones including the sex hormones testosterone, progesterone, and the estrogens.

Promise - Pregnenolone is the precursor to all the steroid hormones, including progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, the cortisones, and DHEA. Taking it as a supplement can successfully relieve depression,improve memory, reduce skin aging, relieve arthritis symptoms, and reduce stress-induced fatigue.... - Pregnenolone is the new " up and coming " anti-aging, hormone.

Higher Ideals, Higher Ideals

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Higher Ideals for Your Health



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